Premium hydrocarbon extracts made in Portland, Maine.

Our small team of passionate hash heads craft every gram to provide premium hash oil that is flavorful, potent, and consistent. We partner with the most respected growers to showcase their best flower and emphasize the flavor and characteristics that make each strain unique.

All Refine products are top-shelf quality designed specifically for connoisseurs and feature the very best cannabis from your favorite farms.

Exceptional Flower, cultivated in a clean, state of the art facility in Portland, ME

Craft Cannabis, cultivated by connoisseur’s.

IronLung flower is cultivated by growers with a passion for cannabis, and an attention to detail that ensures a quality and consistency that we are very proud of! With a variety of strains, including but not limited to, Tahoe OG, Sour Diesel BX, Gary Payton, Gastro Pop, Blackberry Kush, Sunburn, and so much more, we have a flavor, and effect profile, for every type of cannabis consumer. IronLung also produces a line of out of this world gummies, with flavors that will put a smile on your face. Available at both Adult Use, and Medical Alternative Essences.

Wicked good hash oil.

Like a beacon from the shores of the Portland Peninsula comes Northeast Concentrates. Capturing the rich history and natural beauty of New England Northeast Concentrates showcases the spirit of the northeast throughout the extraction process to craft a concentrate for the people of New England.

Northeast Concentrates was developed specifically for adventurous New Englanders who want to explore the world of cannabis concentrates while maintaining an active lifestyle. Our hash oil captures the character of northeast living with compelling strain selections, regional flavors, and products that introduce you to the vast landscape of cannabis extracts.